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Our highly collaborative and supportive team comes together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Deecinta Health Spa

DeeCinta  Health  Spa started in August  2016, Before Jacinta was born, the child of Delphine, the founder of DeeCinta Health Spa. Delphine, realized during her pregnancy the absolute need for reflexology,  head massage & all kinds of massages.  A day before Jacinta was born, on 29 August 2016, doctors advised her to get a relaxing pregnancy massage.  The following day Jacinta was born.

Massage made it extremely easy to deliver this amazing soul. What does DeeCinta mean? DeeCinta means  Delphine & Jacinta equal to  DeeCinta mom & daughter love.

In our experience through health Centers, we give glory to the all Might God for giving us wisdom, vision & reasons to value health more than anything.

Standard Massage

30 Min     – R350

60 Min     – R500

90 Min     – R600

120 Min   – R700

Deecinta Health spa logo

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